1.I used to look out on this Salford skyline. I’d hear the drill of the motorway and some winey voices from the gated alleyways for the kids to play out on. I should’ve been worried about the area knowing that only 20 years ago friends of mine were going to the local in bulletproof vests, but if anything it made me feel safe. Langworthy had a proper story; everyones face contoured by the paths of life, honouring their Cheetham Hill trackpants and safing everyone that went by. And when you were there you were nothing but a neighbour, a lick of paint over the real m6, looking out onto the Salford skyline, where ignorance was bliss; knowing that the postcode wouldn’t deny me from a job which used to be the script. I’d clip the fold on my window and breath in the tall air, being the only one on my street with this privilege, watching my best mates ashes like confetti to the pipeline. Just a wannabe Salfordite, a tourist of the ends with rose tinted views. Beyrl next door with a collection of spoons. No matter how the day went the sun would always come out. I’d see it with my own eyes across the Salford skyline.

2. 12 panels stare glowingly like a screen, where all my surroundings are blackened. Only this is a real window view, to life.

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