Dichotomy describes the partition of a whole in two equal parts, and this dualism is where I find myself. The portraits are a conclusion of aspects in my childhood that have made me feel in a state of two extremes. My main source of inspiration is being dual heritage. This idea, of being both black and white, is something that people find hard to digest. Whilst experiencing some harsh racial oppressions, I can also recognize my white privilege. This has brought on difficulties of knowing where to place myself in the world when it’s so often split.

Compartmentalization is something the media thrives off, and I represent the exact opposite of that; this means I have struggled to bind the two worlds I find myself in.

Whilst the project starts with racial aspects, it unravels with polarities I found in my childhood; in class, family, identity and education.

The project aims to explore this, and in doing so, establish a sense of recovery, how in exploring these aspects, I am able to feel closer to understanding my identity than ever, embracing these dualities and this state of in between.

The title itself, is less of a statement and more of a question.

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