By Kymara Akinpelumi and Lauren Houston



It wasn’t long after i moved in with Lauren that I became infactuated with the situation we had. A huge house in the middle of Salford that looks like what could have been a b’n’b back in the day, converted into a student house. Four huge floors, three bathrooms, an empty basement. But most evenings we’d find ourself sprawling in to the living room and painting the walls with wine. We’d listen to 90’s r n b, being able to appreciate it in each-others’ presence, dance and philosophise everything in the world. Spilling out our stories at ungodly hours.

One day Lauren came home from her boyfriends, I’d been fleshing out interviews with Michaela Cole and Ib Kamara, excited by the future of art and the black presence within the heights of the industry. We were full of our usual energy and play and wanted to take some selfies on the scanner. We started with our faces and both laughed, knowing that Lauren wouldn’t be Lauren without any flesh pelted on the scanner.

She threw her top up lent over and i shouted at her, ‘ Office Slut’.

After a lot of laughs, adrenaline and a child like excitement, here you have it, an ode to my time living with Lauren, OFFICE SLUTS.

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